How do these meals work?

Feed the family in a flash! Simply keep your meals refrigerated until you're ready to eat. Boil a pot of water, place the meal in the water in its provided packaging and heat at a rolling boil for 20 minutes. For the proteins, you only need to boil for 10 minutes. Carefully remove the pouch from the hot water and peel open the packaging from the top right corner. Serve onto a platter or directly onto plates and enjoy! It really is as simple as that.


Where can I purchase Kilyn's Kitchen meals?

You can purchase our meals at any Safeway, Albertson's, Tom Thumb, Randalls and Bashas stores throughout Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, Nebraska, Texas, Louisiana, Arizona - and growing into new markets! Our fresh meals are available in the meat department. Check the store locator for the retailer nearest you.

Can I freeze my meals?

Absolutely! If you're not quite ready to prepare your quick-and-easy meal, pop it in the freezer until you are. Let the meal thaw in the fridge, then follow our normal, super simple heating instructions.

How many people does each meal feed?

Our meals are crafted to feed a family of three! You can learn more about each meal's ingredients and nutritional information on our products page.

Are any of the meals gluten free?

Our Pulled Pork with Roasted Potatoes and Pulled Chicken with Roasted Potatoes are inherently gluten free, but are prepared in a facility that also processes wheat. 

What else could the meals be used for?

There are so many possibilities out there, but here are some ideas!

  • For family dinner a couple of times during a busy week

  • For our senior parents, who no longer want to cook but need convenient, healthy meals

  • For meal deliveries to friends in times of need

  • For new parents who have been over-casseroled

  • For adventurers cooking by campfire

  • For college students who need easy-to-prepare brain food

How do I contact a Kilyn's Kitchen team member?

We'd love to hear from you! Either email or use our contact us page.


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