Be a Campsite Hero: Tip #3


Camping season is in full swing! Weekends in the outdoors are a favorite family activity but do take a bit of planning. Kilyn's Kitchen is here to help, with our Campsite Hero series of camping tips and tricks.


Ditch the lighter fluid and start your campfire by putting a briquette of charcoal in the "egg beds" of an empty egg carton, build a "tee pee" of firewood over the carton, light the carton and stand back to embrace your inner cave(wo)man power. Put a pot of water over the fire, toss in a Kilyn's Kitchen meal and dinner is ready in 25 minutes.

Stay tuned to our blog every day this week for a new tip, and remember Kilyn's Kitchen Family Meals are the perfect dinner solution for an easy, filling meal around the campfire. No mess. No prep work. Just pop the meal in a pot of boiling water and dinner is served.

Happy camping!